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Breakup Pro

[Thumbnail] Breakup Pro

We are the Breakup Pros.

Drunk v Helping Friend

[Thumbnail] Drunk v Helping Friend

The drunk guy attempts to drive - a very dangerous act! Luckily his friend chases him up and takes the wheels for him... but to where?

Drunk Guys Dream World

[Thumbnail] Drunk Guys Dream World

The drunk guy falls asleep in his car and enters into another reality...

Drunk v Vampire

[Thumbnail] Drunk v Vampire

The scene enfolds in a dark, gloomy, evening atmosphere. The drunk guy gets into his car without realising a vampire has been stalking him...

Spy v Spy

[Thumbnail] Spy v Spy

So there was a spy.. then there's another spy. They talk in their native language. Thankfully there's subtitles. Synopsis: After handing the green bottle to the drunk guy (mistaken for Agent 82), Silver Dragon reports back to his partner, Red Squirrel, who then realises the item was given to the wrong person.

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