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What do you think of commercial

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Have you ever experienced a terrible break up in your life? This video, also affectionately known as Kiefers gay commercial. This is the SEED film for the second Linkr tree. Remember, can do the breakup for you!


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A music video with a collection of images to warn about the effects of binge drinking.

Spy Stealing

[Thumbnail] Spy Stealing

Silver Dragon steals the green substance from Dr Chang's 'Secret' lab.

Spy v Drunk

[Thumbnail] Spy v Drunk

This is a crucial video whereby the spy accidentally mistakes the drunk for another spy and gives him Dr Chang's special liquid.

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Singing Angels

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Matthew thinks your too intense and so would like some space, but he is far too busy now to say it to your face, so here we are on bending knees, just hear our little song. We're friendly representatives from 7 emotions

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How did you react when you were dumped? Was it maybe like one of these?

Drunk Guy (Seed)

[Thumbnail] Drunk Guy (Seed)

A drunk guy drinking a beer and wanders around an empty car park.

Dr Chang and the Evil Recipe (Ashoka's version)

[Thumbnail] Dr Chang and the Evil Recipe (Ashoka's version)

A different edit of the Dr Chang footages with an experimental approach!

Dr Chang and the Evil Recipe

[Thumbnail] Dr Chang and the Evil Recipe

Dr Chang, an out cast evil genius, creates a green substance (Absence Urgent) to create an army of vampires to take over the world!